Fun Fly BBQ Write-Up
First person I met today said to me something to the effect of "Our President over advertised this one".  Just in case you weren't there we had a great turnout of the BAM and DSC clubs.

I took a few pictures.  Talked with a few people then put out the winches. Steve flew his Olly with the 4055 foil several times.  Jeff put in two flights or more with one of them being rather extended.  In addition Jim Carol flew his two meter (Aspire?), and another Gentleman flew his Gentle Lady but I do not remember his name followed by Jay flying his numerous times. At one point one winch did a burp on its own and we figured I had stepped on the switch.  Before launching next time I blipped the switch on purpose and the whole thing went "hay wire:" out of control.  I did not switch the switch off but snapped off a battery cable.  Too bad because it ruined the line with many cuts.  Probably just the right length now for the field with all that line taken off next time.  I assume that the switch was jammed up with snow.  But of course you know what assume does to you.  I must make another switch of the old hinge kind for this kind of weather or bring some plywood to put under the winches.  But there were only two others there to see the excitement.  Bottom line I did not get my gliders out of the truck instead I flew everyone except Steve's then topped the day off by flying Jim's litestick  (couple of times I did not know which one).

SANDY.  Don't know for sure but I think the six inch long turnbuckle I use to adjust one of the winches is at the same end of the field that we launched from today left from our New Year's fun fly.  I think I was told that you are responsible in some way for mowing.  If the mower grabbed that it sure would do a job on it.  So come spring before any mowing is done we must see if it is there on the field.  Of course if anyone finds it please tell the rest of us so we shall know.  I missed it today made alignment for the launch much more difficult.

Jim C and Jay were somewhat disappointed with their flying but I thought knowing the circumstances they both were doing well.  Just keep at it.  I think my small short lined winch should have had a different diameter drum but in most cases I was able to overcome the difficulty by taking advantage of the torque and launching at forty five degrees rather than level.

Had a conversation with Paul from the BAM side with Jim A.  Interesting to note the large lithium cells had another note from Jim Oddino this pm.. He said use two groups of those cells with two six volt regulators and plug both into the same receiver.  The discussion was the batteries to drive the digital servos for a third scale powered plane.  My goodness that line up of servos would buy all my planes.

The humor of the day::

"Hey, anyone bringing a winch?  Real Men want to fly BIG plane."

This was forwarded to several of us at least.  I credited the words to the forwarder, Jim A.  So with great enthusiasm I checked the winches expecting to see this large plane that Jim was finally going to bring with him.  One time before he had commented that if he had known he would have brought a large thermal plane.  So I quoted these words to him only to find they did not come from him.  Apologies there Jim.  But I had fun flying with Steve anyway.

You all appreciated the Thermic 50??


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